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Mergers and acquisitions, changing market conditions and customer preferences, technological advance, expansions, etc. can force the applications in your company to undergo transformation. You need an application development partner who understands your technology issues and can ensure success with the best possible balance of cost, speed and quality.

Global It engages with you to understand your unique business and process needs, and develops solution based on your requirements. We architect and design models based on our experience across multiple projects incorporating industry-wide best practices. Our focus is to develop feature-rich business-critical applications based upon open industry standards and technology frameworks in emerging technologies, using adaptive development principles.

Tools and Technologies

Our technological expertise spans the spectrum available today and this includes some of the key technology areas as mentioned in the below diagram.

Global It Technological Expertise


In our journey to SEI-CMMi Level 5, we acquired extensive experience, mature and robust processes in the following software development methodologies: Rapid application development

  • Object oriented development
  • Structured analysis, design and development
  • Rational unified process
  • Agile development in distributed environment with internet and video collaboration
This is in addition to the standard methodologies like conventional waterfall, iterative, spiral and other popular models.

Virtual Team Delivery Model

The Virtual Team Model results in cost optimization by leveraging lower cost locations. At Global It, geographically distributed teams and experts work collaboratively from multiple locations optimizing utilization of expertise with minimal travel involved. It also allows immediate involvement of specialists like architects, usability designers, business analysts, quality assurance consultants and others from different locations who collectively form a Virtual Team.

The offshore team will function as an extension of the on-site team, and works on the same development environment, remotely connected through dedicated line. Throughout the SDLC, there will be day-to-day interaction between on-site and offshore teams which enables utilization of expertise resulting in cost optimization. Time zones are leveraged resulting in lower time to market capability.

The Global It Advantage
  • The combination of domain and technology expertise enables reduced time-to-market for new products and services.
  • Optimal onshore/offshore balance helps reduce IT labor costs for new deployments and to maintain existing functionality.
  • Our proven processes, tools and methodologies help reduce backlogs in business demands and improve responsiveness to changing business needs and technologies.
  • Our best in class quality and certifications ensure increased speed of development without compromising on quality and security.
  • Global It innovative methods helps improveefficiency of application performance, and also results in increased customer experience