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Business Transformation with Creative BI and Business Analytics solutions The need for Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions is more immediate now than ever before. In the previous two decades the Global It of IT budgets was on acquiring systems for transaction and infrastructure management. The objective of this being : let’s make processes more efficient. While processes did become faster and leaner, enterprises also ended up accumulating large volumes of data. The objective now is : we need to make the best use of all the data in our company so that our employees can take those decisions that will help us execute our business strategy. And today with the explosion of social media and the proliferation of smart mobile devices, data volumes are growing faster than ever presenting a plethora of opportunities for enterprises to grow through cutting edge BI and Analytics.

Business Challenges

In the absence of an effective BI and Analytics strategy, organizations will continue to struggle to get customers and keep customers as they will experience a variety of challenges like :

  • Lost sales
  • Unpredictable costs of customer acquisition
  • Maverick spends
  • Reduced customer service levels
  • Delays in closure of financial accounts
  • Production inefficiencies
  • High cost of maintaining IT infrastructure
  • Inefficient dispatch plans
  • and more…
Global It BI and Business Analytics Offering

With over 15 years of BI experience, more than 100 customer engagements and thousands of man years of BI and Analytics practice expertise, Global It offers comprehensive Business Intelligence solutions to enable organizations to leverage their data to grow their business.

Center of Excellence

Global It has Centers of Excellence in all popular BI and Business Analytics technologies. These CoEs comprise a centralized group of technical experts trained on the latest technologies, create and maintain a consistent set of standards and best practices, create reusable templates and accelerators, leverage re-usable training kits and provide a steady stream of trained and deployment-ready personnel. Specialist BI technology skills are available in :

  • MS BI
  • Oracle Exalytics SAP Business Objects, BI and BW
  • Others
Analytics Accelerators
Global It Creme

Global It Crème is a migration accelerator to migrate reports built on any platform to SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) or to Business Objects 4.0. It addresses customer concerns such as maintaining look, feel and feature consistency of reports and seamless transitions between reporting solutions. It helps enterprises leverage investments already made on SQL Server or Business Objects, overcome limitations of incumbent reporting solutions and creates opportunities to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on existing reporting solution.

Global It BI

Global It BI is an analytics accelerator with pre-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and analytics for select business areas. The following analyzers are available for immediate application :

  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Sales and Marketing Analytics
  • Infrastructure Management Services Analytics
  • inance Analytics

These analyzers made available in the form of role based dashboards greatly help end users in taking timely, data based decisions.

Global It's BI and Business Analytics Technology Expertise

Value Delivered
Access to specialist talent
  • Ready availability of a large pool of technical experts highly trained and experienced on MS BI, SAP BO, BI and BW.
  • Deep experience in the end-to-end process of reports migration. We can augment and support our customer needs report migration needs
  • Experience in delivering BI solutions to a variety of business functions across industries.
  • Reduce costs. Save time
    • Global It lBI accelerators reduce implementation time by 25% and effort by up to 30%.
    • BI accelerators subsume several best practices that significantly reduce the need to re-engineer processes in business functions.
    Higher revenues
    • Improved sales performance analysis leading to better product mix, conversion rates and more.
    • Better trade promotion and merchandising.
    • Improved insights into customer trends.
    • Faster time to launch new products.
    Improved customer service levels
    • Iterative development provides high visibility during project execution.
    • Detailed VOC analysis on multiple customer touch point factors.
    Reduced risk through predictable outcomes
    • Iterative development provides high visibility during project execution.
    • Output based delivery model puts focus on outcomes.