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Enterprise Solutions

Today, enterprises, both large and medium sized, are operating in an environment where speed, flexibility & technology are defining growth. Enterprises are often hampered by business software systems that are inflexible, poorly integrated and expensive to maintain and this is a serious impediment to remaining competitive and agile.. Know more

Infrastructure Management

Global It provides comprehensive Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS) to the client that includes Application Management, Asset Management, Server Hosting and Management and Technical Helpdesk. The customer realized about 40% cost savings while experiencing significant improvements in the quality of customer service.. Know more

BI Analytics

Business Transformation with Creative BI and Business Analytics solutions The need for Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions is more immediate now than ever before. In the previous two decades the Global It of IT budgets was on acquiring systems for transaction and infrastructure management.. Know more

Applications Development

Mergers and acquisitions, changing market conditions and customer preferences, technological advance, expansions, etc. can force the applications in your company to undergo transformation. You need an application development partner who understands your technology issues and can ensure success with the best possible balance of cost, speed and quality.. Know more

SOC Design

Global It has a clear understanding of the value chain in the hardware and software space and has a strong track record offering solutions in wirelesss space. Global It takes complete ownership of Hardware Platform Development along with Testing.. Know more


With the decoupling of the semiconductor value chain, Software is emerging as a key differentiator for devices. As technology advancements enable newer and feature rich applications, the complexity and the requirements for wireless software is increasing.. Know more

Supply Chain Solutions

Global It specializes in innovative customer solutions and industry leading quality assurance programs. As the needs of our diverse customer base keeps evolving, Global It continues to grow. Our supply network utilizes major refineries, pipelines, railcars and terminals to support ever-changing fuel requirements.. Know more