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Today, enterprises, both large and medium sized, are operating in an environment where speed, flexibility & technology are defining growth. Enterprises are often hampered by business software systems that are inflexible, poorly integrated and expensive to maintain and this is a serious impediment to remaining competitive and agile. Some of the key strategic & operational challenges that enterprises face today are :

  • Optimize supply chain planning and execution
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce overhead costs
  • Rapidly assimilate and integrate strategic acquisitions
  • End to end process standardization
  • Availability of insightful reports and analytics to drive informed decisions
  • Prohibitive cost of purchase and implementation of conventional Enterprise products

BAIO: Global It, with its experience across 150+ ERP projects, is best suited to work with customers to implement the SAP Business All-in-One (BAIO) and roll out your global templates to regional businesses. We provide you with end-to-end services which include consulting, design, development, implementation, and integration and application lifecycle management. These services are tailored by our certified consultants and industry experts to ensure BAIO complements your business strategy and process efficiency goals.

End-to-end services: Global It provides comprehensive end-to-end services on the SAP platform as described in the figure below

Centre of Excellence

Global It has an established SAP Center of Excellence to ensure that we assimilate the latest SAP technologies & effectively deploy them on customer engagements. Global It is a SAP Gold certified partner and has helped several small and medium sized enterprises to effectively realize the benefits that

SAP has to offer SAP COE at Global It fulfills the following functions :
  • Act as an effective global delivery arm for customers by fulfilling integration requirements and delivering on quality, cost and time parameters
  • Leverage the knowledge gained from various engagements to build solution accelerators and software assets which accelerate the time to realize value from solutions
  • Adopt and promote industry best practices and standardize processes across projects
  • Create greater predictability in project outcomes through reusable IT assets and processes
  • Inculcate a culture of constant innovation through deep engagements with SAP and our customers
  • Build a comprehensive knowledge management (KM) framework to consolidate and record information and best practices, and to enable quicker ramp-up through documented induction kits
Value Proposition:

Reduced Total-Cost-of-Operations(TCO) of enterprise applications: Global It has successfully demonstrated capability to implement, support and extend SAP applications for enterprises thereby reducing the cost of ownership and maintenance

Strong Technical & Functional competencies: Global It has made strategic investments in the SAP practice, with a COE that helps improve our competencies, develop deep understanding of SAP products and deliver expected outcomes for our customers.

Reduced time to market: The COEs and Practice group are focused on building solution accelerators that help reduce time to market while delivering greater value through industry specific solutions.


Success for an enterprise often comes from the ability to drive the proper transformation at critical junctures. Business transformation requires change which can take many forms: changes to management style, culture, organization structure and/or product. Information Technology is part of most innovations and transformations today. All activities and functions across and along the business processes are being integrated into a single process value chain so that the business leaders gain continuous insight into the operational performance for aiding decision making.

Oracle’s® suite of enterprise software applications lies at the heart of many companies’ ability to realize a wide range of critical objectives — from improving day-to-day operations to realizing large-scale, enterprise-wide transformational change.

However, harnessing the power of Oracle applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware and database technology solutions and translating these enabling technologies into strategic, sustainable business outcomes requires a careful integration of application-specific insight and in-depth business and industry knowledge.

Business Challenges

Some of the key business challenges that enterprises face today are :

  • Globalization, resulting in rising pressure to evolve and transform to stay ahead of the competition
  • Aligning business strategies with operations through standardized processes
  • Maximizing profitability and utilization by improving operational efficiencies
  • Adhering to stringent and complex local taxation policies and regulations
  • Compliance with government specified framework and reporting requirements
  • Responding to enterprise-wide needs for data consolidation, tracking and analysis
  • Improving financial management and corporate governance
  • Standardizing processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs
Oracle Service Offerings

Oracle clients seek service providers that can help them grow the top line and support long- term strategy. In a dynamic IT spending environment, organizations are making sure that their Oracle service investments fulfill the objective of improving business processes such as product development, sales and marketing, and customer experience.

Global It has strong competencies and capabilities in specific Oracle product suite and technology stacks. We offer customers a comprehensive approach to Oracle product implementations through the following gamut of services :

Consulting Services : Global It’s Oracle practice provides consulting services to help customers achieve operational & business efficiencies. We bring in rich industry knowledge and a successful track record of Oracle product implementations and experience.

Implementation Services : With experience of over 150 successful ERP implementations, Global It is positioned as the ideal implementation partner for Oracle products. With top class consultants bringing in best practices and industry standards from across the world, Global It ensures that the customers get uncompromised benefits such as Risk mitigation, Time & Cost optimization & High quality.

Upgrade & Testing Services : With Oracle’s commitment to Applications Unlimited, Oracle products continue to evolve, offering greater value and providing new advantages for customers’ business. Upgrade is crucial to realize the maximum return on an Oracle investment. As a long term Oracle partner, we provide upgrade services to our customers to ensure they are equipped with the latest technology & product capability.

With Global It’s industry standard outcome-driven testing solution; customers take advantage of Global It’s proven testing solutions with compelling business advantages that includes excellent quality, improved productivity and competitive cost

Support Services : We provide a variety of support services through innovative and unique delivery models. These delivery models are tailored to customer requirements to ensure reduced TCO, flexibility and scalability, and improved operational excellence to our customers.

Business Intelligence Services : We, together with Oracle, help organizations to design, architect and maintain their information systems that enables a "single source of the truth" for all data. Our services are tailored in ways such that it aids executives to effectively analyze data and deliver the intelligence and insights that enable smarter decision making, actions and outcomes.

Database Services

Database Architecture & Design services : Global It provides implementation, consulting and re-organization services such as Database configuration, Data Replication, Multi-master replication, Development & testing support, Sizing & implementation considering hardware, software and network topologies

Upgrade services : Global It’s upgrade methodology leverages our flexible delivery models resulting in significant cost savings & reduced down time.


: Global It provides Consulting, implementation and maintenance services to customers intending to migrate from competitive databases to Oracle databases and vice-versa

Performance Tuning : We enable customers to derive better performance of the Oracle database using Oracle tools such as Statspack, AWR, ADDM, TKPROF, IOSTAT, VMSTAT

Backup & Recovery : Global It provides consulting services to customers on backup and recovery strategies / methodologies for the usage of storage such as Flashback, Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and Cluster File System, and integration of the backup policy with the organization’s risk management strategy

Maintenance : Database maintenance services include monitoring of servers and log files, storage, patching and regular housekeeping of servers

Center of Excellence

Global It has an established Oracle Center of Excellence to ensure that we assimilate the latest Oracle technologies & effectively deploy them on customer engagements. These centers are focused on proactively building competency and providing cutting-edge solutions to customers to help them leverage the power of Oracle Solutions.

Global It, an Oracle Platinum Partner, provides best-in-class, end-to- end industry solutions that addresses complex business processes relevant to a wide range of industries. Global It has a dedicated Competency Center for various products in Oracle stack such as

Global It helps organizations succeed with Oracle applications through an ideal combination of industry and functional expertise. Our dedicated competency center for OEBS, focused technology group for Oracle Database together with the vast experience, add the depth and value to our solutions and thus our clients.

Oracle Business Accelerators

Global It, Oracle Business Accelerator certified partner since 2011, has already executed multiple implementations successfully across different domains using OBA for e-Bisiness Suite

Oracle Business Accelerators combine technology and industry expertise to speed up the implementation processes without compromising on the functionality or the scalability. It provides customers with the head start they need to implement adopt and manage Oracle’s enterprise class applications.

Global It is a partner of Oracle in the adoption and usage of Oracle Business Accelerators in the implementation of Oracle applications. This partnership is a key focus area as OBA, by the virtue of its benefits, helps Global It to address the requirements of customers of all sizes. With a hosted configuration tool, setup wizard and more than 1000 business models, it delivers the benefits with an immaculate ease of use.

Value Proposition

Oracle Relationship : Global It has long-term technology partnerships in place with some of the world’s leading software product companies including Oracle.

These alliances are multi-faceted that include
  • Participation in early adopter programs, Access to specialized training & Premium support arrangements
  • Joint engagements with Oracle: Services to Oracle SSI & Joint A2Z model with joint engagements from Presales to Project Execution

Industry Specific Oracle Solutions : This is where the ‘Global It Difference’ gives you the valued advantage. With its 150+ ERP implementation experiences to draw from, Global It has created several industry specific components

Reduced TCO of enterprise applications : Global It has successfully demonstrated capability to own, manage & deliver Oracle applications for enterprises thereby reducing the cost of ownership and maintenance

Strong Engineering competencies : Global It has made strategic investments in Oracle technologies. These investments, such as COEs, practice groups etc., are directed to improve competencies, develop deep understanding of Oracle products and derive business efficiencies for customers

Reduced time to market : The COEs and Practice group are focused on building solutions, frameworks and reusable components to reduce project & implementation lifecycles