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With growing commodity prices and volatility in the market, the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector faces continued pressure on profit margins. From the unstable economy to frugal consumers there has been endless discussion around the challenges facing consumer packaged goods business during the last few years.

To maintain profitability, CPG makers need to sharpen their focus on operations throughout the value chain, from sourcing to manufacturing & distribution to promotions. Leveraging the right IT service providers with the experience of delivering solutions across the value chain becomes critical if CPG firms have to free up time to focus on their core competencies.

Global It Offerings for CPG Industry

Having worked with some of the largest companies in the CPG space, Global It understands the needs of this industry and provides a set of offerings which help CPG customers overcome the current challenges while improving profit margins and creating opportunities for expanding business. Global It's offerings for the CPG industry include :

Trade Promotion Management System

Trade Promotion Management solution is designed to help create, rollout and monitor the performance of promotions targeted to various markets. Pre-built Promotion Analyzers are available to measure the performance of the promotions.

Some of the analyzers available include :
  • Actual vs. Budgeted
  • Promotion costs Promotion Outcomes
  • Period wise comparison for sales generated from different promotions
  • ROI from historical Promotions
  • Promotion Planning and Predicted Sales impact
  • Regional performance on promotions
  • Field Sales Management

The field sales management system focuses on capturing customer data, route plan to customer location and maps to plan for maximum coverage by field sales team. This offering enables the sales team to capture orders, perform various cash and non-cash transactions, capture customer feedbacks and opinions and drive promotion activities for key accounts.

Some of the key outcomes that CPG firms seek from this include :
  • Increased market coverage by the sales team
  • Ensure consistent and effective market coverage
  • Provision right product to the right customer at the right time
  • Increase planned sales and promote unplanned sales
  • Brand Performance Dashboards

Brand performance and the impact of marketing events on brands can be studied and used to drive better offers using the Brand Performance dashboards. These dashboards provide comprehensive information and analysis about the forecasted vs. actual sales, performance of various brands based on product categories, customer channels and other parameters. These reports and dashboards provide drill down capability; compare several parameters that provide insights on important areas to focus, on the price elasticity of products and help drive decisions for key account investments and promotions.

Enterprise Applications, Application Maintenance Services, Testing and Infrastructure Management Services

Global It has over the years acquired expertise in the implementation, maintenance and upgrade of a variety of packaged and bespoke applications for the CPG industry. Additionally we offer Application Maintenance Services, Testing Services, and Infrastructure Management Services.

Global It is focused on leveraging mobility, business intelligence and the cloud to participate in transformational outsourcing engagements with enterprises in the CPG industry. We continue to invest in building our knowledge and capabilities in order to deliver results that matter.